Lensway is touted as being the Nordic region's largest stock of lenses, where you can find original lenses from popular contact lens manufacturers such as Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson and CooperVision. Since 2000, Lensway has amassed a customer base of over one million and counting.

"... And most importantly, her followers trust her"

835k SEK
Total Revenue


The mission was to choose a brand ambassador that would promote Lensway’s brand image and reach out to the target audience that would respond best to the brand. The ambassador needed to be trustworthy, have a strong voice, and a point of view that aligned with Lensway’s values.


While it was important to find someone that was more in the macro-profile range, it was also important to not be too predictable. The Swedish influencer marketing landscape is vast but only a few remain at the top ranks.

Next, we needed to measure audience overlap for maximum effect of unique reach. WithTherese, we found that there was overlap between Lensway and Therese’s audience but not an excessively high amount. This was a plus because while some of her followers engage with the Lensway brand, there is room for further brand awareness and reach as well as attracting/converting new customers.

In summation, Therese was chosen for a multitude of reasons: the data checked out, she fit the brand’s image, and most importantly, her followers trust her.


The campaign delivered not only great brand-related content, but also strong performance metrics and sales conversions. Therese’s fanbase responded so favorably to the campaign that it even crashed the Lensway homepage for a short while.

The results came in at a whopping 835k SEK in total revenue and 9.2x on ROAS.