Babyshop was founded in 2006 and has since become the leading online store for exclusive children's brands. With the aim to inspire by offering a first-class shopping experience and the best customer service with a mix of well-known and local high-quality brands, Babyshop has established itself as an important player in the market.

Mums/mum-to-be's with an everyday/romantic feed

Total Revenue
450 SEK


Setup a consistent work stream for gifting collaborations, focusing on around 20profiles per month with micro + macro profiles (5k-70k) with good engagement rate (+2%).


We focused on collaborating with profiles that matched the brand's vision: mums/mum-to-be's with an everyday/romantic feed.

In vetting and strategically working with the right profiles, it was important to fosteran ongoing brand-talent relationship that would lead to future collaborations.Not only did the talent feel at ease with the brand, but they also had the freedom to select the products that they would use the most frequently and liked the most in exchange for posting.


Creating strong partnerships with creators and giving them the freedom to explore the shop yielded authentic, commercial content without a costly financial output.
This strategy was implemented and created a new way of working for the team at Babyshop. Based on the first round of a gifting campaign with 20 profiles, the revenue generated was 312k SEK with an increase in AOV of 44.1%.